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AVAILABLE NOW: 3″ Zone Offroad Adventure Series (UCA) Lift System LIFTKITS4LESS.COM

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Zone Offroad 2001-2010 Chevy 2500/3500HD 3″ Adventure Series Lift System.  This new addition to the Adventure Series lineup of lift systems is built around the Zone Offroad heavy-duty replacement upper control arms already available for the 01-10 HD trucks.  The arms are made from 3/16″ steel that is precision laser cut, formed and fully welded.  Preinstalled Raybestos brand ball joints and rubber bushings provide an easy installation and long service life.  The ball joint is repositioned to compensate for the added lift and maintain a neutral position at ride height.  To complement the improved upper ball joint angles, the kit address the other area often ignored at this lift height – the CV shafts.

The new Adventure Series kit for the 01-10 HDs includes a full differential drop system that relocates the differential down 2″ for near stock angles at the 3″ lift height.  This is accomplished with a drop spacer on the passenger’s side, (2) drop brackets for the front driver’s mount and a integrated “half crossmember” for the driver’s rear mount.  A new different skid plate is included to protect the differential in its new position.  The rear is lifted via a 2″ block and u-bolts.  Front and rear shocks are included and can be upgrade to Nitro versions.

  • Fully welded, heavy duty upper control arms that dwarf the factory arms.
  • Preinstalled replaceable Raybestos brand ball joints and rubber bushings.
  • Reposititioned ball joints to maintain a nuetral angle with added lift.
  • Full differential drop system included to maintain proper CV shaft angles.
  • Differential skid plate included.
  • Rear height is adjusted with 2″ blocks.

Quick Specs

  • Front Lift Height: 3
  • Front Lift Method: Upper Control Arms
  • Rear Lift Height: 2
  • Rear Lift Method: Block

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